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  • Website promotion
    It is not enough just to develop a website, but it needs to find a way to attract the attention of the audience. We know how to design a website that will attract your customers and will perform well on search engines. We offer professional website marketing and search engine optimization services that help websites increase their organic search rankings drastically.
  • Contextual advertising
    The purpose of the сontextual advertising is to attract exactly your target audience to the website. We create and set up advertising campaigns across the Search Network in order to help you to tell about your business to a wide audience.
  • Usability Audit
    Sometimes raises the issue when a user who has already visited your Internet resource didn't understand the essence of your business or become confused in a complex interface. Our experts will identify the design errors, its causes and provide recommendations for improving the work of the site and interacting with customers on it.
  • Site development
    In today’s world the Internet presence is no longer a privilege, now it's a  necessity for every company. The specialists of the Codevery company have a very thorough approach to the website creation. We do our best in order to make your site profitable, usable, and inspiring. The original website is the best promotion for your product or services.
  • Internet shop development
    Own e-commerce website is the indispensable tool for the companies with wholesale and retail sales. A detailed catalog, possibility to examine of the characteristics of the good, user feedback and possibility to pay for your order without leaving your home or office will allow you to reach a wide audience of the clients and expand your businesses.
  • CRM management systems
    The automation of work with clients allows to process leads more effectively and increase the sales. We will advise and set up the system which will be optimally for your business and company size.
  • Landing Page
    Landing Page is a best tool for conversion of visitors into purchasers.  Such a page could be devoted to a brand or a small company, also a particular product or event to which you want to attract the attention of the audience.
  • Mobile application
    The number of customers who use mobile devices to purchase goods or services is growing rapidly and much higher than the number of customers, who purchase from the computer. We develop mobile applications for all existing operating system, thus your business will be available for users of any smartphone.
  • Website Design
    Visual picture is a key component of the excellent site, so a similar importance will be given to the design and software code. Our designers will create individual style for your project, which will perfectly fit into your corporate design.
  • Development of logos
    The company logo needed for recognizing the brand and creating a visual association for the audience. We develop logos and corporate identity, so we help you to create an image of a reliable and responsible partner.
  • Hosting and VPS
    You will need a server to host your site for access from anywhere in the world. VPS Hosting is the budget solution of the putting the site.  We will select for your company the optimal hosting capabilities of VPS Hosting.
  • Optimization
    Website optimization is the important process for improving the performance of the website. We offer expert website optimization services such as editing your website to optimize scripts, HTML or CSS code for faster loading.
  • Technical support
    Even the most high-quality website will sooner or later require further work or additional configuration. We will help you identify problem points and correct all faults so that the site works without delays and failures.

We create integrated solutions for business

Our mission:

To create high-quality individual Internet solutions for business, hence we help companies expand their audience of loyal customers.


Our team:

Developers, designers, marketers, copywriters and SEO specialists. Each member of the team has extensive experience in creating and maintaining websites. Professionalism and continuous development of each of us guarantees the perfect result for every project.

We are trusted


Clients about us

A huge thanks to the team of the web studio Codevery for creating an up-to-date website for the lawyer Cherkashin. In short terms, a quality design and a written site were created. All wishes and offers were promptly taken into account and accurately implemented. Excellent communication, high professional level, attentive and responsible attitude to their work and the tasks performed. Top recommendations!
Ivan Cherkashin
It is an excellent experience to work with the Codevery Team. They are a team of highly skilled professionals who always complete the required work on time. Being an overseas client, their communication skills add immense value. I will continue working with the team and highly recommend them as well!
Yash Shrivastav
Skin Gene
It was great to work with Codevery Team. They went above and beyond to complete the work to a very high standard. Will be working with them again!
Toby McColl
Codevery felt very easy to work with from day one! Good communication, quick and responsive. I highly recommend.
Tom Svensson
Happy people
Codevery LLC is fast and efficient, collaborating well with the internal team and providing high-quality work. They have a competitive price and excellent project management, utilizing numerous tools to track the project and stay on task.
Nicolas Johansson
Pieroth Deutschland GmbH
It is really great working with the Codevery Team. They helped with everything from design, to implementation and even page speed and google search optimization. They are a pleasure to work with and we will be continuing to do so. Bravi Codevery!
Salvatore Scordamaglia
Eyes of Rome

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