Proper marketing for explosive sales from the website

According to statistics, more than 100,000 websites appear every day in the world. And the TOP of search engines is not rubber. How many companies do you think have a chance to get on the first page of search results?

There will be no sense from the website without optimization and regular promotion. Yes, it may appear on the hosting and it can be found via the link, but there will be no sales, traffic, everything for which it was actually created.

What promotion methods do we use to increase your profits from the website?

  • SEO — technical optimization of the website, its compliance with the requirements of search engines, content filling, work with the reference mass, the relevant semantic core. All this will help you overtake your competitors, increase traffic and take the first positions in organic search results for the necessary key queries. More traffic = more sales.
  • Contextual advertising — setting up, implementing and optimizing campaigns with high efficiency. It is necessary to inform the target audience quickly and increase dem and for products or services. Another tool to bypass the competition.
  • Usability-audit — will show all the weak and confusing places of your website. There will be no high conversion if it is difficult for a potential client to find the right product or place an order.

What do we offer?

Our SEO specialists have a clear work plan for each type of business. The promotion system is built taking into account the competition, the ambitions of the company, the target audience and the final goals.

We will analyze the website’s current positions, identify key points of interaction with potential customers, add the necessary key queries to pages, eliminate errors that prevent organic traffic growth, set up effective contextual advertising and make sure that the website does not fail in search engines for important positions.

The first results will be displayed in Google Analytics after 3-4 months of work and will be gradually consolidated and improved. And regular monitoring and promotion will allow you to achieve TOP positions in search engines, get more customers from organic search results, increase profits and optimize costs for paid channels.

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