Why make your website responsive? —

Why make your website responsive?

Why do you make your website responsive?

Smartphones and tablets entered the life of human so tightly that without them, people do not imagine a full-fledged existence. Shopping, news, communication – for all this we use gadgets, that’s why your site must be adaptive to any device.

What is responsive design?

Adaptive layout is also called responsive design, which is modifying view depending on the device that is used to view it. Depending on the screen resolution, the fonts are automatically changed, the location of the images or navigation points so that the visitor can see everything without having to reduce or enlarge the page trying to reach small icons or view the content.

Advantages of responsive design

In addition to the comfortable usability of sites that adapt to the size of the screen, there are still a lot of advantages with this layout:

  • expanding the visitor base – not only computer users, but also mobile device owners, who increasingly use them for online shopping, will come to a site with a responsive design;
  • improvement of behavioral factors – users’ actions on the site are taken into account when ranking, therefore it is important to pay attention to such parameters as usability and content availability. Adaptive design meets these criteria, so search engines will take this into account;
  • sales growth and reduction of promotion costs – the previous items directly affect the increase in sales, because you will have a large customer base, users will be able to quickly find the necessary content, and search engines will raise your resource in the results. Moreover, for the last point you do not even need large advertising budgets, because Google takes into account adaptability and raises above competitors.

When do you need an adaptive design?

Before puzzling adaptive layout, carefully review the statistics of your site. If all your visitors use only a PC, then it is not necessary, but if some of the users are viewing the resource from mobile devices, it is urgently needed.

Is it possible to make a ready site adaptive?

Everyone wants to spend less time and money, so if there is an existing site, this question is quite natural. But the answer to it will depend on how long the current resource has been developed. If we are talking about a website that was created less than two years ago, then turning it over and getting an adaptive version that meets modern requirements will not be a big problem.

If your page is more than three years old, then the chances of “adapting” it are significantly reduced due to the rapid development of technologies. Some elements cannot be changed due to outdated design or coding, and the code itself will turn out to be heavily overloaded. In this case, it is better not to be greedy and to re-develop the site to meet modern requirements, which will help you develop and expand your business.