When exactly is the time to change the landing page —

When exactly is the time to change the landing page

Any changes on the landing page lead to an increase or decrease of conversion, and it is simply impossible to predict this in advance. Only testing different locations of blocks, banner colors, call language and other elements will show on which options works better to make users respond by performing certain actions.

But there are several signs by which even without testing it will become clear – you urgently need to change something:

  • performance is lower than expected or absent;
  • outdated;
  • low-quality traffic.

What are these signs and why do you urgently need to change the landing page when they appear?

Low conversion

Conversion is one of the main criteria for assessing landing pages, although it depends not only on the page layout. The niche of the business or product, the popularity of the subject, the state of the market, the level of competition and other factors affect the conversion.

Why low conversion rate is bad? Because it means spending your money on the wind – paying for advertising and promotion does not pay off with sales. And although there are no clear standards for determining good or bad conversion, there is a “golden rule”: investments in a product must return a profit, and the higher it is, the better.

It is important to test the ordered landing at the initial stage, this will allow you to determine the effectiveness of the elements and adjust them if necessary. It is better to spend on this a small part of the budget than to “drain” it entirely and not to get the required sales.

Poor quality traffic

Have you thought up the landing page to the very last detail, but the conversion rates are still depressing? Google provide owners of web pages with convenient analytics tools that will show you the level of interest of your product among visitors.

Unscrupulous advertising platforms can cheat and send you to the page not real users, but bots from which there will be no commercial sense. The risk of hitting such fraudsters is great when buying cheap traffic, so don’t try to save money on it, later you’ll get more.


In addition to the numerous tests for which you have to spend money, there are simple, but fairly informative solutions. One of them is the so-called “blinking test”, which can be carried out with the help of friends, relatives or colleagues.

Ask a person who is not familiar with the theme of your page to look at the landing page for 3-5 seconds, this is the average blink rate. After that, close the page and ask to tell what he saw and remembered, the more detailed, the better.

Why such a check? Because studies have shown that pages that have successfully passed the “blink test” demonstrate excellent conversion. And an excellent conversion is the growth of your profits from sales of a product or service through landing.