What to promote – a site or brand? —

What to promote – a site or brand?

To promote something – marketing strategy is first thing to develop, which specifies goals, tasks, required resources and tools. At the stage of forming a strategy that it is important to determine what you will promote – the company’s brand or its website?

The company ordered a corporate website or online store, paid for its optimization and promotion, but sales did not grow. Every week a lot of money is merged into advertising budgets, but the earnings do not become higher – there are many such cases and there are well-explained reasons for that.

By itself, the website does not sell anything, because it is one of the tools in the implementation of marketing strategy. With it, you can inform the audience about new products, events in the life of the company or share professional advice. But in order for the audience to be interested in all of this, you will need to introduce them to your brand, build a certain trust and loyalty.

In integrated marketing, the site will be embedded in the overall concept, and only in this case it will sell. People buy Nike sneakers, not noname, Samsung smartphones, not Gionee, and want to drive BMW and Mersedes, and buy them as soon as possible. Because the promoted site is only a part of the mechanism, and the advertised brand sells itself either with the website, or without.