Landing: problems and solutions —

Landing: problems and solutions

Despite the seeming simplicity, the creation of landing pages should be approached as carefully as the development of a corporate website or online store. Errors in a one-page website will nullify all the efforts made and will not give the effect expected from such tool.

Visitors may not understand the essence of the offer, the goals of this page, the actions expected from them and, most importantly, their own benefit. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • There is no title on the website or it is not clear – a catchy title is vital for any page, but for landing page it is key. If it was missed during layout or was wrong, the majority of clients will at least not understand what they are doing on this page, and as a maximum, they will close it immediately;
  • The image does not encourage action – the picture on the one-page website is only part of the overall design, so you need to select it so that the visitor does not forget why he came here, looking at the cute cat or the baby’s face;
  • Stock photos – the user has seen the image from the free photobank at least a thousand times, so he didn’t even pay attention to image for thousand first time as well. Author’s photos taken for a specific product or service, make user look at it and help lead the client for the desired action on the site;
  • Inconvenient design – landing requires a minimum of information with a catchy design. If the design is boring, there’s nothing to grasp on the page except for a sheet of text with small print – the landing page will not work;
  • Templates are another evil that can negate all resources spent on creating a website. A template can be beautiful and convenient, but not unique, which means that it will not emphasize the originality of the proposed product or service in the eyes of the reader;
  • The lack of a mobile version – the adaptability of the site to any devices in our time is simply necessary, because already more than half of users are looking for products and services using smartphones and tablets, rather than computers and laptops;
  • There is no branding on the website – recognition is important even on such a small resource as a one-page website. If the client does not see the logo or other recognizable elements from the corporate style of the company, he may simply not understand who the offer comes from and why he should respond to it.