Landing page: an effective tool or a tribute to fashion? —

Landing page: an effective tool or a tribute to fashion?

Single-page sites or landing pages have appeared on the Internet relatively recently, but yet people have not crealy understanding of real value and even differences from the usual company site. So are the landing pages for business needed or is its overvalued?

Landing, unlike a corporate site, is developed in the simplest format of a single-page. This is necessary to keep the user’s attention on the promoted product or service – he simply has nowhere else to go for more information.

The target audience of the landing coincides with the main audience of the company, so a link to it can be placed on their own pages in social networks and other advertising tools. The main difference lies in the fact that it is the landing that will catch the visitor’s attention and increase the chance of performing the target action from visitor (purchases, recordings for a seminar, ordering a service, etc.).

How to keep attention on one-page? Brevity and feed capacity. This site does not require a long story about the history of the invention of the product or its evolution, only the main advantages, vivid photos or videos, reviews of other visitors and a quick call to action – to buy, call, write, order.

Landing is an effective advertising tool that can and should be used in modern business. It can sell a product or service, collect a contact database of potential customers or serve as an element of branding. The last option is used mainly by large companies that dedicate a single-page single product and do not sell it there, but only show the features and evolution.