IT products for business —

IT products for business

In the modern world, the presence of business in a network is not a privilege, but a necessary component for development and growth. To tell the audience about the company, its activities, services, advantages and achievements, effectively connect different departments of the company and quickly organize any reporting – IT-products handle all these tasks.

Landing pages

A one-page site or landing page is the best solution for a small company, individual event or product. On this resource is the most important information without unnecessary water and distraction. The advantages of landing are in the democratic cost of development and simplicity – the user does not need to move through the pages to get all the necessary information.

Corporate website

Such a resource is suitable for medium and large businesses, because it will allow to place all the details interesting to the client. On the corporate website, you can tell the company’s story in detail, acquaint the visitor with the structure, product or service range, announce various events and conduct a thematic blog. In addition, it is a corporate website that can become not only a source of information, but also a means of communication with the audience – for this you can provide a chat or a forum.

Online store

This site is suitable for businesses that are engaged in retail or wholesale trade in any kind of products. Detailed photos and detailed descriptions will help visitors quickly determine the order and place it immediately using the basket. The online store is associated with the warehouse and accounting bases for fast online sales.

ERP system

Multifunctional software solution for optimization of processes within the company and communication with the client. Automated modules for different departments, operational communication between departments, convenient storage of all internal information and communication to the client – all this saves business resources and increases its profitability by 50-70%.