Corporate website —

Corporate website

A corporate website is a good form for medium and large businesses, although for small ones it will not be superfluous. Whether you sell products or services, an exclusive offer or a mass one, the company’s website will become a multifunctional tool in the development of your business.

The corporate website can present the company at one’s best:

  • provide extended information about the organization, tell the story of its establishment and development, share with the visitor its policy features or approach to work;
  • offer the different channels of communication with the audience – forum, chat, blog, question-answer. Activity in these channels will show even to the casual visitor that the company values ​​each client and meets any questions;
  • to place contacts – e-mail of department heads or managers, phone numbers and even a map to find the office or manufacture – any information that will help the client to find you offline will be useful;
  • present your offer – products and services, their range and description are interesting to visitors because they help to make a decision in your favour.

All this is aimed at attracting the audience, recognizing and forming the reputation, however, a corporate website will be required not only for this. Its capabilities will be useful for solving the internal problems of the company:

  • round-the-clock monitoring of the activity of visitors and their actions on the site – this information is useful for analyzing and adjusting the marketing strategy, evaluating the efficiency of advertising campaigns;
  • feedback – a section with customer reviews, their questions or a small forum will help you to draw attention to important questions for the audience and give them special attention;
  • analytics – on the official website you can conduct surveys and marketing research, as well as advertising campaigns necessary for business;
  • mail and mailings (newsletters)  – if the site provides a mechanism for collecting contacts of potential customers, this database can be used to notify the audience about news from the company’s life, new products and offers.